I have been involved with horses and riding since the age of three.

After years of showing horses and playing on polo teams I had my first experience with race horses in 1984 at Hollywood Park. A teammate on my polo league was also an assistant trainer and invited me to exercise some of the horses in his care at Hollywood Park.

It was love at first sight for me. The thoroughbreds were so magnificent. I felt it was an honor and a privilege just to be around them.

After nine years of being an exercise rider and assistant trainer I went out on my own. I started out with a very high profile owner, baseball player Bobby Bonilla. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. It gave me a good education in selecting horses from the sales.

I take time to gallop and workout every horse in my stable.. I feel this gives me a great advantage with my training program. I know on a daily basis how every individual is feeling and this way I can make adjustments to the training schedule accordingly.

There is attention to every detail from the staff to the quality of feed and supplements. The horses drink only pure filtered water that comes from a high quality Life Source Water filtration system.

My grooms, exercise riders and hot walkers are all kind and caring people and truly love the horses. I believe all these components add up to happier horses who love what they are doing and this makes the difference in their performance.

Our barns are immaculate and well ventilated and have beautiful grazing areas and walking ring.

We have a Safe wash rack with knowledgeable personel handling the horses.

We also offer the same therapies that until now were only available at very expensive clinics like Alamo Pintado.

We have an infrared laser and the magnetic pulse papimi.

In the last five years I have consistently been one of the highest percentage trainers in California. I have been fortunate to have owners who have faith in me and have entrusted quality horses into my care.


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